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Pros: Listen to his interview on Brian Lehrer this morning. Have you ever heard a more brilliant description of what's wrong with American democracy. He made the salient point that the US is like a family spending months planning a brilliant vacation and somehow forgetting their car is completely broken down. Until our democracy is working again, no new president is going to make a tremendous difference. I was a political science major, Fordham 67. One professor stressed how special interest groups were taking over American politics. Congressmen concentrate on fundraising to win the next election instead of enacting the laws we need to make the US work again. Nothing has changed in 50 years.

Cons: There has to be a massive social media campaign to tell people about him. I consider myself very politically knowledgeable, and I didn't know about him. Twitter is by far the most powerful campaign tool. @MaryJoanKoch

Mary Joan Koch

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Pros: Campaigns are currently funded by a minority of citizens. When politicians get a majority of funding from a known set of minority voters, that minority will get more attention than the majority. He was one of the people that brought this issue to my attention which inspired me to create this website. He is strictly working to fix the system.

Cons: His proposal is to step down and let his VP become president. I'd rather he just stay as president. Perhaps he doesn't have the experience, but the best leaders are often the people who don't want the job.

This rating is from a voter who was promised:
To strive to remove the financial incentives that currently corrupt politicians.

Felt the politician achieved:
He's started an impressive movement. He's made multiple popular TEDtalks about fixing corruption.

Forest J. Handford
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