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4.5 (2 ratings)

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Country: United States of America State/Province: VT

Current Office: Senator

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Pros: His stand on major issues supports the citizens of America. He supports black lives, living wages, planned parenthood, free public college, and many more things that focus on the people and not the corporations and the super rich. He has thoughtful solutions to the major problems facing our country. He fought against the Keystone pipeline. He is against war. He is fighting against Citizens United. I also like that he's been in politics for over 20 years.

Cons: I'm not sure what his stand is on legalizing marijuana.

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Nicole Robinson

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Pros: He believes in the people and that everyone should have a CHANCE to be the best they can and share fairly in the profits of our labor / work. He wants us to have good healthcare, education or training and to be able to earn a living wage to care for our families. He also support our Vet and want stop wars of enrichment.

Cons: The only problem I see with Bernie is you cannot go too far with give-away programs. There is no free lunch, but everyone should have the opportunity to do the best they can with what they have!

J Albert Handford


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